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Apex Legends streamer Daltoosh apologizes for ‘unacceptable’ racist joke on Twitch

After making a racist joke on Twitch, Apex Legends streamer Daltoosh has publicly apologized and thanked those who called him out. Other streamers, like NRG’s Rogue and Sweet, have also apologized for failing to speak out against Daltoosh earlier.

To sum it all up, Daltoosh was watching a viral golfing video online in which a golfer has a prominent tan line. He proceeds to crack a joke by contrasting the “401k” lighter part of the golfer’s skin with the tanned, “Nae Nae” side.

The joke essentially compares proper financial planning with a 2015 dance coined by Black artist Silento, and people were quick to call Daltoosh out on the casual racism

Watching the video, it seems to be a light-hearted joke from his perspective, which has led to some people defending the humor as well. In his apology, Daltoosh has not only said sorry and thanked those who called him out, but also criticized those who have defended him for minimizing the impact of casual racism.

As you can hear Daltoosh say, “that man is two races at once … up top, you thinking like 401k, right here you thinking like ‘Nae Nae.’” Fairly quickly, social media and the Black Apex Legends community reacted — most slamming the joke and some defending it.

The latter point was at the heart of Daltoosh’s apology, where he makes note of needing to be accountable and a better example before jumping into why he shouldn’t be defended.

As he explains, people who were offended “have every right to feel” that way and that, as a privileged white person, he can’t do anything but “take full accountability.” Taking aim specifically at his defenders, he notes that “the people who have been defending me, calling others snowflakes or soft are not understanding that this isn’t about them.”

NRG’s Rogue and Sweet were both also looped in, as fans criticized them for being slow to call out Daltoosh on his joke. Both apologized, focusing on their efforts to get educated on the subject.

Overall, reactions have been mostly positive to the three streamers’ apologies. People generally want to see Daltoosh’s actions begin matching his apologetic words, but are glad he’s being conscious of his privilege and intends to improve.

As for the others, the Apex community seems happy there’s some accountability for inadequate allyship as well. While people appear to believe there’s more work to be done, there’s a sense that these commitments to learning, being conscious, and improving are a step in the right direction.

Apex Legends is angled as one of gaming’s most diverse titles, so it stands to reason that there is an impetus for the game’s players to lead the charge on inclusivity as well.

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